Controlled Spaces and Gender Identity Laws (USA)

Gender Identity Watch

At Gender Identity Watch, we have monitored “gender identity” laws, regulations, agency policies and other developments for more than two years. We believe it is time for an affirmative statement on these developments and who they harm.

As we have stated many times, we support civil rights protections based on sex stereotypes (i.e., gender identity) in employment and housing. No one should lose a job or be denied housing because they identify as transgender.

With regard to public accommodations, such as public restrooms, we support a definition of “gender identity” that limits a claim for discrimination to those taking steps to medically transition.

Where the rubber really hits the road, though, is when gender identity laws allow Male people into space intended for vulnerable Women – these spaces include homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, halfway homes and, the most significant of all, prisons.

Each of these spaces have at least…

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